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New Winter Dog Clothing Stock Arriving Shortly!!!!

Thats right the new range of WINTER dog clothing range will be starting to arrive in-store in the next couple of weeks. We are really very excited this year, as we have managed to track down some really great doggy clothes. The dog clothing will range from really casual, to designer smart. As we have seen in previous years, the all in one clothing is getting more and more sofisticated and in keeping with this popular fashion change our range will have some very smart looking all in one clothing. For those that have yet to be fully exposed to the designer dog fashion, a "all in one" garment is dog clothing that has a jacket/top and trousers/pants as one piece of clothing. To dress the dog in the "all in one" you place the jacket part on your dog first and then you put their legs in the pants. You do not have to worry about toileting as the garmet has been expertly made to make allowances for the private bits, and the safe ellimination processes of the precious pooch. These "all in ones" look fantastic on the dogs and they ussually love wearing it because it keeps them very warm and they ussually end up getting loads more pats and attention because they look so cute!

There will also be some really lovely new season jumpers in various colours and designs and patterns along with coats, hoodies, pants and dresses, so make sure you either physically come into DogFX with your furry friend for their free fit and measure service or keep checking back to the DogFX website!

Speaking of the DogFX website, we are about to make a number of additions and changes to the site and the major changes willbe the addition of most of our new Winter product range which we have not fully done previously!

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