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We know that for many of you this might be hard to believe but we have to admit we had to go away and learn how to put this blog into practice so we are sorry its been some time between our last report but that is going to change!!! That is either going to be a great thing ........or not!

As we mentioned our new Winter range has included a good range of Designer All in One clothing and of course the doggie jackets and jumpers. We are mid way through Winter now and we must admit it has been difficult getting the full range of winter dog clothing that we had hoped for but that is about to change. The new Wooflink dog range is now instore at DogFX and we will be adding them to our site over the next week. A new designer range is due instore at DogFX any day now (it was due last week but the postcode was incorrectly added to the package and was sent to Sydney instead) frustrating frustrating frustrating!!! Anyway the Pretty Pet dog clothing range is very functional and comfortable and most of all the dogs look really good wearing them. We believe the price is very reasonalble as well.

Best of all....we will have Puppy Angel back instore in the next few weeks which is incredibly exciting. It has always been our (Tracy & Suzanne's) opinion that Puppy Angel is the best range of dog clothing. It always fits the dogs well and looks nice on all dogs.

So keep your eyes on our site because we are planning to add lots of new products over the coming weeks and dont forget that you can always come in and visit us instore and bring your precious pooch! We always look forward to meeting your fur kids.

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