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Doggy Daycare Pricing.

Doggy Daycare Pricing.


Behavioural Assessment

One Dog Two Dogs

The behavioural assessment is undertaken with every dog coming to daycare to assertain their suitability to take part in the day care environment.







One Dog Two Dogs

Day Rate


 $45.00  $85.00

1/2 Day Rate (up to 5 hours)


 $35.00  $55.00

Hourly Rate


 $10.00 per hour


 $15.00 per hour


Voucher System 

One Dog Two Dogs

5 Day Voucher Book


 $215.00  $400.00

10 Day Voucher Book


 $415.00  $785.00

20 Day Voucher Book


 $810.00  $1530.00
Dog Grooming & DayCare Package  Per Dog

Your dog will be washed and fully groomed which includes clipping including at least half a day of Doggy Daycare.

REMEMBER: We book out 2 to 4 weeks in advance for grooming so don't forget to book early to avoid disappointment!

Grooming Price (generally between $68-$80, depending on condition of coat & size of dog)

PLUS $25.00 daycare component.

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