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Dazzelling Dog Program


This program has been set up for you and your dog(s). Having your dog groomed all year round is really very important. Important for your dogs health more than anything and then there are the hygiene benefits for your dog and yes us humans we love to cuddle a freshly washed and groomed dog.

We want to explain the health benefits first though, because we feel they are the most important reasons to keep your dog regularly groomed. A dog that is not groomed regularly will end up with a matted coat which is very uncomfortable and even painful as the matting fur starts near your dogs skin, beginning with knots that get more and more tangled without brushing and end up with the fur all lumped together which literally looks like a carpet, hence the term matting. Once your dogs fur is matted the worst thing you can do is to wash your dogs fur as it will only make the matting worst. Usually people wash their dog at this point because they believe that the matting will wash out and that they will be able to brush the dogs fur after. Not so. Washing your dogs fur at this point will only make the matting worse.

So what can you do?

Some people come and ask us to brush out the matting. We believe that this practice is very cruel. Think of what its like when your own hair has hurts. So imagine your poor dog that has fur that is matted from the skin and as the matting gets tighter it pulls the skin up which is very uncomfortable and if left too long it hurts your dog. The longer the matting is left the tighter the matting and there gets a point that we (your groomer) cannot get a blade underneath it to be able to clip off the matted fur. So if your dog is matted when you come in we will have to clip off your dog's fur as we will never be cruel to any dog. The worst case scenario is that if we cannot get a blade underneath then you will have to take your dog to the vet for the fur to be safely clipped off with their special blades with your dog placed under anaesthetic.

We did not want to paint such a bleak picture but it is important for all dog parents to understand the reason why grooming your dog is much more than keeping them clean and smelling good. We have no problem in showing you how to keep your dog groomed properly in between your dogs grooming appointments. We are always happy to instruct you on a good brushing technique and the best equipment to use. What surprises a lot of people also is that they think they are brushing their dog properly but when they get to us we find the dog is quite matted and ussually what has happened is that they have brushed the top of the coat beautifully but not realised that they have not brushed underneath, the fur from the dogs skin out. You will certainly know the difference with your dog when you pick them up from us after their grooming session because when we do a groom for your dog we will brush properly and at the end be able to comb your dogs fur.

The other health benefit is that your dog's ears are cleaned which is really important to keep those ear hairs under control or your dog could end up with infections which can in the worse case scenarios being fatal for your fur child. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to ear problems than others so it is probably something you can chat to your vet about at your dogs annual checkup.

So, onto the dazzeling dog program! If you book your dog in for regular grooming appointments either:

one weekly - 10%

fortnightly - 10%

3 weekly - 10%

monthly - 10%

5 weekly  - 10%

6 weekly - 10%

8 weekly - 10%

The regular grooming appointments are pre booked so that your furry friend never misses out on their appointment and you do not have to worry about missing out at those really busy times of the year especially christmas and any of the holidays. Many of you would be aware that we are very popular and do book out our appointments regularly, but on this program that will not be a problem. Your dog is given priority booking and if you do need to change your appointment at times we will be able to accommodate you as we realise life does happen in ever changing ways at times.

Regularly grooming your dog keeps their skin & fur in good condition and they are clean and smell good. Which gets your fur child heaps more hugs and cuddles and yes you can admit it.........they are allowed  up on the bed or lounge for longer periods. (and you thought we didn't know)

The other benefit of the dazzeling dog program is that you will receive a 10% discount on all dog accessories including, flea treatments, shampoos & conditioners, collars, leads, bowls, toys, dog clothing  etc. (except this does EXCLUDE  grooming & daycare services & dog food and treats.)

I love coming to DogFX for my regular grooming, they are really friendly and give great massages.

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