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Doggie DAYCARE at DogFX
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Can you imagine the perfect day for your little four legged friend? A full day running around and playing with other little pooches, chasing balls and playing tug of war. Rolling around on soft cushions with tummy rubs and cuddles galore.

While you're at work you can now give your dog the perfect day every day at DogFX. We are now offering Doggy Daycare for your dogs pure bliss!

Your furry friend gets to interact with other small breed dogs and gets to enjoy the companionship that he/she misses when they are at home all alone. Your furry friend enjoys a full day's entertainment by our trained CEO's (Canine Enjoyment Officers) in a safe and secure environment.

Our doggy daycare has a luxurious design of a home away from home. Nothing has been overlooked! They have a lounge suite area consisting of three different lounges to suit those lap dogs, or a range of plush beds to suit any mood, from thick warm lynx to the lighter cotton summer style. With TV playing in the background to keep up with the latest animal movies or animal cartoons!

For the party animals the playground has different activites set up during the day to amuse the most active of dogs, with indoor and outdoor activities organised!

In daycare we encourage the unique characters to shine, catering for their individual wants and needs with our CEO's (canine enjoyment officers) attending to their every wish! The joy has been watching some of the quieter dog's blooming into amazing little personalities! While the more outgoing of the pack just keep adding more friends to their play group. We have the best job!!


7:30am-9am: The day at DogFX begins with introductions to the new kids on the block and old friends are reacquainted. Once everyone is settled and comfortable with each other gentle games and fetching begin.

9am-10am: Gentle exercises and games with their friends, such as tug of war and toy hunting with their CEO's.

10am-11am: Let's get the party started!!! This is the exciting part of the day! Lots of fetch the ball and chasey and frisbee games.

11am-12pm: Phew once we've expelled that excess energy some training using natural treats.

12pm-12.30pm: Lunch time with premium Royal Canin dog food.

12.30-1.30pm: After all this excitement its time to have a rest and this is where our furry friends choose a plush bed, whether by themselves or share a space with a new found friend. Or cuddle up on the lounges with the CEO's. Lights are dimmed and relaxing music and aromatherapy oils are burned to create a loving & restful  environment.

1.30pm-2.30pm: Tired muscles rejuvenated, playtime recommences with some gentle games such as 'Musical Beds", "Pin the tail on the Cat",

2.30pm-3.30pm: Some fun agility games and hide & seek.

3.30pm-4.30pm: Training recommences with some emphasis on any issues Mum and Dad ask to work on and learning some fun tricks.

4:30pm-5:30pm: A final play for the day! Run, run as fast as you can! A final hoorah!

5.30pm-6:30pm: Cleaning up after their big day out requires a little grooming and sad goodbyes to their furry friends before Mum and Dad come for home time.

This bed is soooo plush!!!


Doggy Daycare at DogFX is a safe and secure environment so your dog can enjoy their day out and you do not have to worry about them. All the dogs coming to Daycare are evaluated and dogs showing any aggressive or anti-social behaviour are NOT permitted to join the daycare group.

Our Daycare specialises in SMALL DOGS to allow for the little ones to play and socialise with other ones their own size without getting bowled over by bigger dogs that are playing a bit rougher and alot faster!! This helps the little ones enjoy their day out and learn to interact with other dogs without the intimidation and the worry of having to watch who is joining in on their game. So if (across the other side of the room) another dog thinks their game looks fantastic and wants to bound on in, he's going to join in without stressing the little ones that are involved with their own game.

All dogs over 6 months old are desexed and have a current up to date vaccination certificate. All entrances and exits have a double door locking system in place, including our outdoor lawn area so your little one is safe at all times.

And all activities are fully supervised by our trained CEO's at all times.

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