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Designer Dog Products

Is your little diva dog looking for a makeover? Disillusioned by the same old dull doggy fashion? 

DogFX offers top quality designer products so your pooch can parade in the local park with the flair and elegance that the other dogs will simply drool over!!



DOG CLOTHINGDOG CLOTHINGThere is not a category of clothing these days that dogs do not have and this site is no exception. We at DogFX are working hard to bring you the latest fashions from all over the world for your special dog. A gorgeous range of hats and caps for your dog. Protection for summer and winter and not to mention the great quality and fantastic look. Very cute, very sheik, very colorful and very everything!!!
There is a coat in here for your special dog come on have a look.
Designer Dog ToysDesigner Dog ToysWhat a range!!! Come on in and have a look at what all the really savvy dogs are chewing!!?? arrr I mean playing with!!! Designer Dog Boots & ShoesDesigner Dog Boots & ShoesFoot wear for your dog what ever will they think of next! They protect paws and look extremely cute... Designer Dog EyewearDesigner Dog EyewearA fantastic way to care for your cuddly one!! These extremely well made eyewear products are the world renowned Doggles range, so you know you are getting quality. Protection from the sun and any debris.
Designer Dog BeddingDesigner Dog BeddingDoes your dog like to stretch out or curl up when they sleep? Give them the right bedding and they will love you even more! Designer Dog Carry BagsDesigner Dog Carry BagsWhy walk when you can be carried? Let your little furry friend be carried in style, after all the queen would not turn up to her coronation without her gold coach! Would she? Designer Dog BowlsDesigner Dog BowlsServe up a treat in these fantastic dog bowls, enough to make any mouth water or perhaps dribble, or maybe slobber!!! Designer Dog Treats & FoodDesigner Dog Treats & FoodFood and treats, food and treats, and food and treats what more can a dog ask for??? You guessed it! More food and treats of course. Your furry friends will do anything for food and treats wont they, so you may as well give them the best.
Designer Dog Grooming EquipmentDesigner Dog Grooming EquipmentMake your dog shine in a crowd! keep them groomed to perfection. Whether its the right advise or the right equipment then you have come to the right people! We at DogFX strive to be the best dog groomers we can be and we also only ever stock and advise on the grooming products we regularly use in the salon and day spa. We pride ourselves on our work and want you to feel just as proud when you groom your preciuos pooch. Walking Your DogWalking Your DogYour dog wants to be seen with the right equipment and especially while out walking. What would all the other dogs in the neighbourhood think? We all know how they love to yap! and yap! and yap! Designer Dog GiftsDesigner Dog GiftsWell there is the birthday, Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day, the Queens birthday, your birthday, should I go on. Your dog won't mind getting a gift every day. After all they deserve it don't they? Wedding DogsWedding DogsIs your dog going to a wedding? Are they a guest or the bride or groom. These wedding gowns and tuxedos are the real thing in satin and lace and tails for the boys.
Designer Doggie JewelleryDesigner Doggie JewelleryLooking for a diamond necklace, crystal hair pins, dog tags or hand made bows they are all here so come on inside and really spoil your pet. you can even build up a collection for your dog so they can end up with more jewels than the Queen of England! DOG TEETH, HEALTH & HYGIENE CAREDOG TEETH, HEALTH & HYGIENE CARElooking after your dogs teeth is one of your most important roles. Your vet will advise you the best way to do that for your dog but you can help maintain good oral care for your dog by regular brushing and giving your dog regular products come and have a look there is more information. Designer Doggie BackpacksDesigner Doggie BackpacksWhy carry your dogs treats and pooh bags when you can get them to do that themselves? Designer Dog Collars,Leads & HarnessesDesigner Dog Collars,Leads & HarnessesEvery dog needs at least 2 sets of collars & leads, one for casual and one for best! Oh! and then there is one for the beach, one for walking around the block, one for charming the dog next door and one for?????
DESIGNER DOG COATSDESIGNER DOG COATSDesigner dog coats from various designers around the world. The range is varied so you should find a coat that suits your dogs special personality and colouring. DESIGNER DOG SWEATERS & HOODIESDESIGNER DOG SWEATERS & HOODIESDesigner dog sweaters in various designs from various designers around the world. DESIGNER DOG ALL IN ONESDESIGNER DOG ALL IN ONESDesigner dog all in ones in various styles from various designers from around the world. DESIGNER DOG T-SHIRTSDESIGNER DOG T-SHIRTSDesigner dog t-shirts in various styles from various designers around the world.
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