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Welcome to DogFX Grooming Page

Professional Dog Grooming with Compassion


Here at DogFX we believe your most loyal friend deserves nothing but the best in our secure, clean and caring environment, being treated by experienced, professional dog groomers that make your dog stand out in a crowd.

Your dog is washed in a good quality natural shampoo & conditioner, with fresh water for each dog, and are hand dried and clipped by professional groomers. Our staff at DogFX are caring and compassionate, with care taken to make your dog feel comfortable and welcome at all times..

 Our staff are personally trained at DogFX and adhere to our high standards maintaining a hygenic and comfortable environment for your dog with our salon fully air conditioned and heated for your dog's comfort at all times of the year.

Our No1 priority is the welfare of your dog

All DogFX staff adhere to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your dog. We care for your dog as if they were our own and every effort is made to make them feel at home.

All small dogs are catered for

Our philosophy of acknowledging the unique character of each dog enables us to clip young puppies to even the most difficult dogs. We give them a little extra time, attention and a touch of TLC which shows them we are here to help them not hurt them. The extended age of a few of our customers is always taken into consideration, with extra effort to care for those fragile limbs and momentary losses of the mind!


Our philosophy is time and consideration is in almost all cases the best way to build a trust between ourselves and your dog. Giving a dog drugs at this point only confuses and scares him or her, making the whole grooming experience traumatic.

Bathing Your Dog

Your dog is lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised dog bathers, emphasising your dogs safety and comfort. We use natural products and include a neck and body massage during their time in the DogFX hydrobath. This hydrobath ensures the natural shampoo and condotioner penetrates deep into the coat and is rinsed thoroughly with the end result a very dazzling looking dog!

The Trim

Your dog is trimmed by highly trained and qualified pet trimmers as our staff have been personally trained by Suzanne who has 28 years of grooming experience (she comes from a background of showing Bichon's from a young age), so your furry friend is in very good hands!

We will discuss with you the most popular and fitting style for your dog from our wide range of options. Our creative stylist dog trimmer will then trim, clip & hand scissor your dog to your request.

At the end of the day your dog will:

♥ Be washed by an experienced bather;

♥ Have a non toxic flea rinse used if necessary;

♥ Have their eyes, ears and sensitive body parts protected during the DogFX Comfort Bath;

♥ Be hand dried using very strict safety standards; Be brushed and combed completely, removing all knots and undercoat;

♥ Be trimmed around the face, feet and tail;

♥ Have a complete haircut to the style you have requested (if they are having a complete makeover);

♥ Have their ears are checked and cleaned;

♥ have their nails are checked and clipped if necessary;

♥ The anal gland is expressed upon your request (there is an  additional charge for this procedure)

The Petesthe' range is the best shampoo and conditioner we have ever found (including our show years). This is a French/Japanese brand of the highest quality Shampoo & Conditioner that changes the quality of the coat before our eyes!! You will love the feel of your furry friend after their grooming at DogFX!!

Not to mention the smell will make you want to bring your four legged friend more often for grooming, its amazingly clean and fresh smelling!!!
Sadly or not, some of our human customers cannot stop smelling their little ones fur once they are picked up...much to the dogs bewilderment, they sometimes have to be pried from them because they smell so good.

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