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  1. We at last have Puppy Angel back instore at DogFX. We are very excited at the range we have. One of the reasons we love Puppy Angel so much is that it always fits your dog very nicely and always makes your dog look our opinion the dogs all feel good wearing the range as well...their tails wag very happily! If you are able to bring your dog into DogFX where we can assist you in fitting your dog correctly to the clothing of your choice. If you are unable to get to us then keep your eye on our website as we will be adding many new products over the next few weeks so please check back in every week.

    The Puppy Angel range has a lovely assortmaent of doggy pyjamas most of which are their All in One range, and for those dogs that feel the cold will not be able to go past this style. The All in One pyjamas are so well made that toileting is allowed for with your dog, the pyjamas cover virtually the whole dog including the back legs which for dogs that do get cold is an added bonus. You fur parents will find yor furry friends fighting to keep the clothing on when you are trying to get them off to wash! We have had many a doggy parent race in on wash day to buy a second set of pyjamas in a different colour (sometimes it does not matter as long as they just have a second set) so they can the other pair of pyjamas off and into the washing machine.

    We also want to remind all our regular doggy daycare customers that you are all eligible for 10% discount off all product in-store at DogFX all year (including food and treats) but it does exclude our services such as doggy daycare and all dog grooming services. This same 10% discount applies to all our Dazzling Dog members....who are they you say? A Dazzling Dog member is all of our dog grooming customers that always book their next grooming appointment when they pick up their dog at each appointment all year round. This saving can add up to quite a bit in a year especially if you are buying your premium dry dog food from us because not only do you get 10% discount up front you also get a free bag of dog food once you have bought 10 bags of dry dog food. for more information just ask us next time you are in at DogFX.

    We really look forward to seeing you and your fur kids soon, even if its just to come in and say hello.

  2. We know that for many of you this might be hard to believe but we have to admit we had to go away and learn how to put this blog into practice so we are sorry its been some time between our last report but that is going to change!!! That is either going to be a great thing ........or not!

    As we mentioned our new Winter range has included a good range of Designer All in One clothing and of course the doggie jackets and jumpers. We are mid way through Winter now and we must admit it has been difficult getting the full range of winter dog clothing that we had hoped for but that is about to change. The new Wooflink dog range is now instore at DogFX and we will be adding them to our site over the next week. A new designer range is due instore at DogFX any day now (it was due last week but the postcode was incorrectly added to the package and was sent to Sydney instead) frustrating frustrating frustrating!!! Anyway the Pretty Pet dog clothing range is very functional and comfortable and most of all the dogs look really good wearing them. We believe the price is very reasonalble as well.

    Best of all....we will have Puppy Angel back instore in the next few weeks which is incredibly exciting. It has always been our (Tracy & Suzanne's) opinion that Puppy Angel is the best range of dog clothing. It always fits the dogs well and looks nice on all dogs.

    So keep your eyes on our site because we are planning to add lots of new products over the coming weeks and dont forget that you can always come in and visit us instore and bring your precious pooch! We always look forward to meeting your fur kids.

  3. Post

    New Winter Dog Clothing Stock Arriving Shortly!!!!

    Thats right the new range of WINTER dog clothing range will be starting to arrive in-store in the next couple of weeks. We are really very excited this year, as we have managed to track down some really great doggy clothes. The dog clothing will range from really casual, to designer smart. As we have seen in previous years, the all in one clothing is getting more and more sofisticated and in keeping with this popular fashion change our range will have some very smart looking all in one clothing. For those that have yet to be fully exposed to the designer dog fashion, a "all in one" garment is dog clothing that has a jacket/top and trousers/pants as one piece of clothing. To dress the dog in the "all in one" you place the jacket part on your dog first and then you put their legs in the pants. You do not have to worry about toileting as the garmet has been expertly made to make allowances for the private bits, and the safe ellimination processes of the precious pooch. These "all in ones" look fantastic on the dogs and they ussually love wearing it because it keeps them very warm and they ussually end up getting loads more pats and attention because they look so cute!

    There will also be some really lovely new season jumpers in various colours and designs and patterns along with coats, hoodies, pants and dresses, so make sure you either physically come into DogFX with your furry friend for their free fit and measure service or keep checking back to the DogFX website!

    Speaking of the DogFX website, we are about to make a number of additions and changes to the site and the major changes willbe the addition of most of our new Winter product range which we have not fully done previously!

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