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Dog Daycare Christmas Party

Dog Daycare Christmas Party

DogFX Daycare Christmas Party

Our DogFX Christmas party is legendary and every dog parent does everything they can to make sure their fur kid doesn't miss out. Santa visits every year and takes time to pose with every dog for photos. You might notice that some dogs seam to be in many Father Christmas photos...... that is because some of them love the visit so much they can't bare NOT to be in close proximity to Santa the entire time of the visit.
There are special games and we have the dog olympics plus loads of cheery treats. Last Christmas we even had special homemade BBQ mince patties which were gulped down real fast before the really important treats were brought out.
Christmas at DogFX is never complete until the Doggie Donuts are brought out.
Our furry four legged friends cant get enough of the honey and peanut doggie donuts so there is always enough made to take some home in their Christmas Doggie Bag. Most dogs come dressed in their favourite christmas outfit which adds to the happy playful atmosphere.

Every dog goes home with tails fully wagging, with full bellies and so tired they are ussually asleep before Mum &/or Dad have driven out of the DogFX care Park. The CEO's (Canine Enjoyment Officers) feel very much the same way. Such a great way to end the DayCare Year.
Doggie Daycare Birthday Parties

Doggie Daycare Birthday Parties

Doggie Daycare Birthday Parties

Party hats and doggie donuts are very important for any discerning dog entering another year of doggie mayhem. If you want to have fancy dress for doggie daycare just say the word and we will let everyone know to be prepared. Your fur kids love celebrating turning another year older with all their friends so dont hesitate discussing a birthday party with us.

We can talk about birthday cakes donuts and even doggie icecream if you give us enough notice.

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