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Doggles ILS Goggles with interchangeable lens system

Doggles ILS Goggles with interchangeable lens system

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Doggles ILS Goggles with interchangeable lens system
ILS Black
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ILS range of Doggles Goggles are the ultimate in eye protection and very fashionable!!! The wider nose bridge accomodates any size nose and the deeper lens cup allows room for eyes and eye lashes. The frame is very flexible enhancing the dogs comfort and gives a good firm fit. The lens give 100% UV protection from the sun are shatterproof and anti-fog. The interchangeable lens system allows you to vary the colour of the lens for a real fashion statement or a reflective lens can camoflage a damaged or blind eye or a clear lens can be used on a darker winters day or at night. Why would my dog want to wear ILS Doggles Goggles? Apart from looking rather specky (excuse the pun!) and giving 100% UV protection from the sun (dogs get just as many eye pproblems as we do) they are a great protector from debris. You know those times your dog has his/her head out the car window as you are hurtling along or protects your dogs eyes from all the sand (debris) when you are running for joy along the beach.
Come in various sizes to fit all dogs: Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Range of colours: Pink, Skull Grey, Red, Black, Silver, Chrome, Blue
Features Benefits
Wider nose bridge on larger sizes. Goggles fit the nose comfortably.
Very flexible Frame. Gives a comfortable fit for your dog.
Has a deeper lens cap. Allows more room for your dogs eyes and eye lashes which again equals more eye comfort!
Lens give 100% UV Protection! Protects your dogs eyes form sun damage.
Lens are shatterproof! Protects the eyes from any damage from debris.
Lens are anti-fog! Enables clear eyesight.
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