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Clean your dogs teeth today!
Triple Head Toothbrush.See toothbrush & paste  to order both.
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This unique Triple headed toothbrush gives a superior and easier clean. Three flexible heads reach all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. Side bristles are at the proper 45 degree angle, reducing the need for arm twisting.
The soft outer bristles massage gums.
Triple-Pet Toothbrush comes with a padded handle for a better grip and comfort for the user and also for the protection of the animal.
The three heads open and close maintaining the proper presure and angle, cleaning all surfaces of the teeth with every stroke. The softer outer bristles protect against peridontal disease by massageing the gums. Fitting all exposed parts of the teeth, top, front and back it is much easier to keep the brush on the teethas the animal moves. The padded handle affords a better grip and protects the animal.
Features Benefits
3 Flexible heads ;fits teeth of all size
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