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Our system for grooming your dog is designed with your dog's welfare in mind and therefore we never rush them and always treat them like they are one of our own. Our goal is to assist every dog enjoy their grooming process as much as they can. All our staff are trained to DogFX high standards as we really do want your furry friend to stand out in any crowd!

Each dog is individually hand washed in our hydrobath using clean warm water and washed in a very high quality natural shampoo and conditioner. It is the shampoo and conditioners that we use that really helps to make a big difference to our grooming technique. We find these products very nourishing for your dogs fur and skin. Every dog is individually blow dried by our experienced staff in the style that was discussed with you that morning.

We are also more than happy to assist you with grooming advise and technique to keep your dogs coat in good condition between professional grooming appointments. Just ask us next time you are in at DogFX and we will show you how.

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