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Dental Care

Thats right we will brush your dogs teeth for you upon request. For a small extra fee we will brush your dogs teeth, top and bottom with proper dog tooth paste (as you are probably aware human tooth paste is not good for our furry friends). It can be quite upsetting to your dogs tummy.

For us to be able to brush your dogs teeth you will need to purchase a toothbrush which we have in store at DogFX and then we will use our toothpaste to do the brushing. It may take a few sessions initially to get your dog used to the process, especially if they have never had their teeth brushed before. Like most things with dogs it is a matter of training them to get used to any process and if you intend to continue brushing your dogs teeth at home (of which we will always encourage) you will also need to purchase your own doggie toothpaste. We have all the equipment you need at DogFX which come in packs or sold seperately. Our grooming stylists and estheticians will always assist you with any advise, information and demonstrations.

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